Carol Madison Graham. London 2002

Welcome to my blog on cultural engagement abroad mainly for Americans (in this case meaning US citizens).   It is getting harder and harder for Americans to discover foreign cultures because so many aspects of American culture have been adopted oversees. When we do try to learn about another society, too often we concentrate on the history of a country unable to quite capture trends and customs of today. EngageAbroad posts are written to give you useful clues in discerning the present day culture through the events, activities and decisions taking place in the society around you.

Cultural engagement for Americans is not always fun and can entail some unwelcome  discoveries.  Reading foreign newspapers and speaking to people  may expose you to  pejorative comments about the US and Americans.   So you will find entries that  put these into perspective because understanding the origins of these issues will help you on your way to mastering your host culture.

I hope you will find this blog a practical and interesting resource in your journey to becoming a global citizen.


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